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FOOTBALL IS FIXED - Me, A Whistleblower?: Hacking A Spy Through The Maze Of Football Espionage

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Terry Steans - Former Head of Global Investigations at FIFA:

"I worked inside FIFA investigating match fixing and at the ICSS before seeing the light.

"I've watched  the growth of Sportradar ever since Chris Eaton the former head of FIFA security started to push them into football associations instead of EWS but that's another story.

"I could never reconcile how my fixing sources were telling me matches were fixed and yet Sportradar saw nothing. Moreover could not share information with us due to client confidentiality. 

"Keep going... Expose the lot of them... Fixing is not going away and the corruption just grows."

Countdown Of Our 100 Favourite Matchfixing Events From The Last Decade

100. West Brom 5 Man United 5 (May 19th 2013) - Premier League
99. England 2 Spain 2 (Nov 11th 2016) - International Friendly
98. Bayern Munich 2 Man City 3 (Dec 10th 2013) Champions League
97. Portsmouth 0 Fulham 1 (May 11th 2008) Premier League
96. West Ham 2 Chelsea 1 (Oct 24th 2015) Premier League
95. Tottenham 2 Birmingham 1 (May 11th 2011) Premier League
94. Man Utd 1 Real Madrid 2 Mar 5th 2013) Champions League
93. South Africa 0 Uruguay 3 Jun 10th 2010) World Cup

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Monday, 25 January 2016

Hitting The Mattresses

The Moment You Know You Know You Know...
... exposing 'Football Leaks' for the charlatans that they are.

A shady operation, 'Football Leaks' have been releasing stolen contracts and documents since September 2015. Their play on 'Wikileaks', a proper sousveillance organisation established for the good of us all, is a misnomer, 'Football Leaks' cannot hack, they cannot protect themselves digitally and their aim is private profit.

'Football Leaks' are simply a criminal organisation.

What's Going On?

FIFA and UEFA have disintegrated.

There are no institutions protecting the integrity of the beautiful game, not that there were when Blatter and Platini were playing their 'pass the brown envelope' charades.
Like all good mafia men, the Dynamic Duo further deconstructed the validity of the sport before exiting stage right by shelving Financial Fair Play regulations and ending the licensing of football agents.

Cowboy capitalism has taken over.

But FIFA did undertake to produce one final piece of valid regulation prior to the FBI and the Swiss authorities moving onto the scene.
In April 2015, the football world's governing body introduced a document on football governance entitled "Third-Party Ownership of Players' Economic Rights" which banned such ownership worldwide from May Day 2015

Prior to this, multiple ownership wasn't illegal on the Iberian peninsula and was consequently commonplace.
It was illegal though in the Premier League following the Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano affair but it continued anyway under the watchful gaze of Richard Scudamore.

However, being Blatter, the regulation was undermined by his other actions leading Jean-Pierre Louvel, the head of the French association of professional clubs, to state: "It was already difficult to know the exact identity of a player's agent. Now it's going to be worse."

Who Are 'Football Leaks'?

'Football Leaks' (FL) began life as a shoddy little operation that purportedly tried to shakedown Doyen Sports over Third Party Ownership (TPO) of players primarily in Portugal.
FL deny these extortion attempts but the Portuguese police claim to have evidence which would appear to be robust.

Nelio Lucas of Doyen received the first email demanding payment on October 3rd 2015 as detailed in Spanish newspaper AS (

In translation, the email stated: "500,000 euros or a million euros would be a good gift for this material. I am a man of my word and have no interest in harming you or your collaborators."

AS describes FL as an "international criminal organisation" which is exactly what they were to become.

FL's Superman had accessed contracts and documents relating to TPO and Doyen at Sporting Clube de Portugal (and elsewhere).
It was these contracts and documents that were the basis of the shenanigans.
These contracts were not hacked.
They were stolen.
FL's hacking skills have always been whack.

The 'Football Leaks' family are merely crooks and hoaxers.

In the aftermath of this series of attempted tax claims, Superman met a fantasist agent with a keen grudge over affairs at Sporting Clube and an interest in targeting a Mr Big. This agent, we'll call him Mr Small, came with an offer to take over the media side of FL's operations and clean up the scam with a good dose of reputation management.
Documents also surfaced relating to Doyen and Twente Enschede which, by fluke, had also been stolen after a business arrangement went awry.
It is worthy of note that Mr Small can't hack either.

But Mr Small represented other bosses who were much more interested in Mr Big than in Doyen.

Mr Small and Superman have made big claims that FL is for the fans. 
It isn't. 
It is for a mob.

What's The Story?

Mr Small together with his fellow bosses in the Anglo Saxon world, ###### and representatives of certain football clubs and certain refereeing overseers had hatched a plan to fix football matches in the Premier League and La Liga starting from the beginning of this season.
And fix matches they did with fully ##% of referees in the two leagues being brought into the crime family.

However, there was a spanner in the works in the shape of a Special One who refused to stay quiet about corruption in the English game. Mr Small and his mafia crime hierarchy matchfixed the Special One out of the Premier League which was not taken kindly by Mr Big resulting ############# ############## fragmenting further into warring factions.

Battles raged in San Sebastian, Swansea, Madrid and the battlefield remains bloody in Valencia.

Mr Big is being directly targeted by FL's disclosures yet the people that form an alliance with Superman undertake the same illegal and criminal practices themselves.

Since we started disclosing our evidences, the British side of this battle have fallen to pieces by putting out contradictory and self-harming media releases while matchfixing has become blindingly obvious to any knowledgeable spectator.

In the last week, the following games have been systemic matchfixing events in England - Norwich v Liverpool, ######## v ########, ####### v #######, ####### v #######, Swansea v Watford, ####### v ####### and ########### v #########. Not all corruptions were landed with injury time at Carrow Road wiping the smiles from the faces of certain high-flyers at a well known television channel.
A similar number of events have been matchfixed in La Liga with Saturday's ############## versus ############# standing out as the most obvious scam.

Who Is Losing Out?

The fans, other agents, sponsors, advertisers, bettors on the wrong side of scams, Sky and BT Sport subscribers and readers of the mainstream media in England, some of which grease the systemic corruption - all are having the piss taken out of them by a bunch of multi-millionaires who are addicted to the profits of criminality.

The leagues have become a complete farce with 'shock' results becoming so regular that non-shock results are shocking!

And attendances are plummeting in La Liga and the EPL.

Meanwhile the abusers have the chutzpah to claim ownership of integrity - "Thank you for all your support in our fight for transparency in the world of football!" recently shouted the fantasists and the hoaxers.
Forget about it and let's consider how to strike back.

What Can Be Done?

As there are no functioning football institutions with any degree of integrity, we are limited in the scope of actions against these sporting mafiosi.
Additionally, investigative journalist Andrew Jennings has shown ####################### ###################
But there are still an array of strong responses.

1) Sousveillance of data, actions and inactions - my favourite current operation is the Coletive Papo Reto in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro who video police extra-judicial killings and bring the rogue officers to court. We can all film and record.

2) Although 'Football Leaks' can't hack, other individuals can and white hat hacking utilising the shocking lack of internet security to digitally trespass and slurp data to facilitate the free flow of information is certainly a strategy for those of a lulzy state of mind. Nothing could be easier.

3) Police should be making arrests over the stolen information in Portugal, the Netherlands and the UK and, who knows, they may well do so.

4) Agents evade tax rampantly and focus on Offshore Financial Centres (OFCs) to launder their already illicit gains. There are those who hack into these OFCs and release the data and, furthermore, there are those who network these releases bottom-up to recreate the Tor-like networks used to obfuscate the corruptions. Sometimes the tax authorities of state do their regulatory business too...

5) Once cartels fragment, the mask of omerta slips and self-motivated psychopathy becomes the art of war of choice. The rewards for spilling the beans on opponents magnifies in such windows.

How Are Things Going To Develop?

Agents are destroying the sport on which they leech. Via their excessive percentages resulting in spiralling transfer fees at the expense of the game, multiple ownership of players between agents, coercion of players, the matchfixing of games, control of mainstream media and a tendency to reside in the moral gutter, this largely non-regulated body of shysters has succeeded in destroying the world's favourite sport.

As with FIFA and UEFA, Blatter and Platini, and the ExCo crooks from around the world, time is not on their side.

Chilean journalist Juan Cristóbal Guarello: "The FBI has arrested them [FIFA executives] for doing what they always did without reproach: behaving as a bigwig in the world of professional football. All the allegations that they face (fraud and money laundering) are everyday elements of their activity. That is to say they are an essential part of football for rent."


* All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

* A more fulsome version of this post with all evidences has been shared among our cellular network of interested parties.

* Our research is ongoing and will be published in good time

* Sources will not be disclosed under any circumstances. Files, documents, data and evidences are split between various physical locations and servers in Romania, Transnistria and Greece. Best of luck if you fancy testing out your hacking skills.

* We refuse to talk with British mainstream media but European media and other interested parties may contact us on the Contact Form at the Match Fixing Analytics website although we reserve the right not to reply at our discretion (

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Sunday, 8 November 2015

The HMRC Tax Avoidance List Of Shame

Some of the biggest names in British football face combined losses of up to £1 billion and financial ruin following the HMRC declaring investment vehicles illegal.

Many footballers rushed into these schemes as an 'enlightened' method of tax avoidance.

One agent frequently mentioned on our blogs was quoted in The Guardian as saying he believed there had been a culture of seeking to minimise tax bills. He said that although the players earned salaries way beyond the realities of ordinary people, the consequent size of the tax bills leads richer people to resent paying tax more than the less well paid.

These individuals, who in the main, are multi multi-millionaires allowed their greed to get the better of them as they rushed into 'profiting' from Kingsbridge Asset Management and Ingenious (sic) Films and Games - a pair Ponzis if ever they existed - schemes set up to enrich senior hierarchical figures at the expense of the gullible.
The investments were made in film, games and property.

You might notice that many of these names have been frequently mentioned on the pages of our family of blogs.

Gary Lineker (BBC and BT Sports)
Danny Murphy (BBC)
David James (BT Sports)
Martin Keown (BBC and BT Sports)
Robbie Savage (BBC and BT Sports)
Rio Ferdinand (BT Sports)

Danny Murphy, who owes £2.5 million on one of these schemes, is said to have "felt angry" over the alleged mis-selling of tax avoidance products.

One has to wonder why our BBC license tax is used to reward those engaged in tax avoidance.

On an entirely separate level, it is found generally in football that financially distressed clubs and players are the ones that are approached by global matchfixing operations as these entities chase their losses via the underground markets...
... or such clubs and players collaborate with other distressed entities to mutual financial benefit.

We can only be grateful that the individuals above do not fall into this category.

But still.
Pay your taxes.
Over 1 million Britons depend on foodbanks to survive while you shower of rich bastards try and avoid paying a fair share of your colossal net wealth.

After Redknapp and Rosie the dog, and Rangers and Regan, football appears to continue to have taxing matters.

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Saturday, 23 May 2015

The Hodgson Template


On May 1st 2012, Roy Hodgson was appointed manager of England earning £3.5 million per year - the only international manager to earn more is Fabio Capello.

Capello has won Serie A 7 times, La Liga twice, the Champions League once, UEFA Super Cup once, Italian Super Cup four times - a total of 15 trophies in 24 years of management.

Hodgson has not won a single trophy in the last 26 years and his only successes prior to that were in Sweden.

Hodgson led England to their worst ever FIFA World Cup performance and only ever Group Stage exit in Brazil last summer.
Since then victories against Lithuania, Estonia, Slovenia, San Marino and Switzerland led to Hodgson demanding in March 2015 that his contract be extended until 2018.

In his 3 year tenure there has not been one competitive victory against any team of note.

So, with the application of any common sense whatsoever, Hodgson with his professional underperformances and his apartheid-supporting, folksy racist past should not be manager of the England team.

But there are further reasons why Hodgson should not be given a contract extension and these relate to his entirely inappropriate non-meritocratic biases towards players from Key Sports Management agency in the selection of England representative squads - Hodgson takes a very hands-on approach to junior squad selection.

Hodgson is particularly close to Key Sports' John Colquhoun who was Fulham club agent during Hodgson's time in charge of the club from 2007 (

Key Sports' Selections For England Representative Teams Under Roy Hodgson

Prior to Hodgson's appointment, just two Key Sports' players were picked for England representative teams - Theo Walcott and Phil Jones.

Roy Hodgson has been the first England manager to give input to player selection at U21 and other junior levels.

In the three years of the Hodgson Template, 25 players from Key Sports have been given their first opportunity to wear the three lions on their shirts or have been brought back into the squad...
... every single Key Sports player who could have been called up for England squads has received that 'honour'.

* Josh McEachran (Chelsea) - brought back into U21's by Hodgson.
* Sammy Ameobi (Newcastle) - brought back into U21's.
* Ravel Morrison (Unattached) - given U21 debut during Hodgson's reign (no longer represented by Key Sports).
* Jamie Vardy (Leicester) - 1st full England call up despite forward having scored just 4 goals in 33 EPL appearances.
* Reece Brown (Birmingham) - first U17 and U18 call ups under Hodgson.
* Ryan Inniss (Everton) - brought back into team and made captain of Under 17's under Hodgson.
* Henri Lansbury (Nottingham Forest) - returned to U21's under Hodgson.
* Bryn Morris (Middlesbrough) - first called up for U17, U18 and U19 under Hodgson.
* Dan Crowley (Arsenal) - U17 call up under Roy's reign.
* Callum Robinson (Aston Villa) - introduced into U19 and U20 since Hodgson took over.
* Lee Nichols (Wigan) - called into U20 squad under Hodgson.
* Priestley Griffiths (Middlesbrough) - U19 call up under Hodgson.
* Saido Berahino (WBA) - given first U21 and full England call up (no longer represented by Key Sports).
* Isaiah Brown (Chelsea) - U16, U17, U18 and U19 call ups initiated under Hodgson.
* Martyn Waghorn (Wigan) - brought back into U21 squad under Hodgson.
* Brandon Fox (Leicester) - introduced into U16, U17 and U18 under Mr Hodgson.
* Tolaji Bola (Arsenal) -brought into U16's under Hodgson.
* Jake Bidwell (Brentford) - given U16, U17 and U18 debuts under Hodgson.
* Ben Pearson (Manchester United) - called up for first time into U18, U19 and U20 in last 3 years.
* Harrison Chapman (Middlesbrough) - given first call up (to U18's) under Hodgson.
* Ryan Huddart (Arsenal) - first U16 and U17 call ups by Hodgson.
* Dael Fry (Middlesbrough) - first call up for U18's under The Hodge.
* Sadou Diallo (Man City) - first U16 and U17 caps under Hodgson.
* Matthew Pennington (Everton) - first call up for U19's.
* Joe Gomez (Charlton) - given first U16, U17 and U19 call ups under Mr Roy Hodgson.

The statistical likelihood of these selections happening purely by chance is cosmological in magnitude!

What Does This Mean For The Integrity Of The Game In England? 

1. When players are selected to represent England, their transfer value, future wages and career prospects skyrocket to the benefit of both player and agent.

2. Players at other agencies miss out on national team and career advancement potential due to biases in favour of Key Sports.

3. In the future, talented young players will be attracted to Key Sports due to the very existence of this non-meritocratic fraudulent structure.

4. The England representative teams underperform as players are not selected on merit.

5. Key Sports used to represent Saido Berahino and he was called into England squad by Hodgson for the first time last November. When Berahino left to join Raheem Sterling's agent Aidy Ward, he was immediately omitted from the next (and subsequent) England squads by Hodgson while the Guardian newspaper, whose football section is under the sociopathic control of John Colquhoun, has produced 7 weeks of anti-Raheem Sterling/Aidy Ward diatribe. This is not journalism, it is PR...
... Key Sports should not orchestrate their business via control of a national broadsheet.

6. This holistic is linked to the inappropriate business relationship between John Colquhoun and referee Jon Moss
If Middlesbrough are promoted to the Premier League on Monday, not only do the club get that £100 million bonus but the valuation of the 7 'Boro players represented by Key Sports massively inflates too.

7. There are additional (and harder to quantify) issues relating to 3rd Party Ownership (3PO) as this illegal practice is commonplace in English football with players under joint ownership, multiple ownership or rotating ownership. As FIFA has decided to end its system of licensing agents, this is going to become a much greater problem with regard to both matchfixing and biased international selections.
Jean-Pierre Louvel (the head of the association of French professional clubs): "It was already difficult to know the exact identity of a player's agent. Now it's going to be worse."


But the very key question here is surely this...
...what does Roy Hodgson get out of this?

Is it a man crush thing? 
Is it a maletas thing?
Is it just a mockery of our realities?

Whatever it is, the FA should not give this overpaid outsized oaf any contract extension when it is so evident that the selection of players for English representative teams is so linked to the financial bottom line of one particular football agency.

Football is Fixed!

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Saturday, 11 November 2006

Manipulated Markets

English Football is currently reeling from the impacts of the Stevens inquiry into the bung culture, the standard and ethics of referees and the revelation that Victor Chandler International allegedly took bets from some Premiership Managers and Players. The words “tip” and “iceberg” spring to mind.
I have traded professionally on global football betting markets for the past 15 years. In my experience, all the brokers, market makers and bookmakers that I have traded with take bets from insiders in the game. It is regarded as buying information. Undoubtedly, some of this exchange of information borders on the corrupt. The recent betting scandal in Germany and the uproar in Italy’s Serie A show that this isn’t merely a British problem.
Asian Market Makers regularly accept bets of greater than £1million without blinking (Gianluigi Buffon – the Juventus goalkeeper – was found with betting slips for several million euros in his possession during the Moggiopoli scandal). Inevitably, the liquidity of the Asian markets persuades some football people to enhance their earning capacities. To my knowledge, such individuals include players, managers, referees, bookmakers, agents and the criminal fringe. It isn’t just the Italian mafia centres of Napoli, Palermo and Reggio di Calabria that are actively involved in football markets!
To date, all attempts to clean up the game have been peripheral. In Germany, some selective sweeping under the carpet and wrist slapping went on in response to the referee Robert Hoyzer admitting that he took money to alter football match outcomes. But, I believe that there are other match officials in the Bundesliga who were merely demoted or, indeed, allowed to continue to officiate. In Italy, in the aftermath of calciocaos, two referees were suspended but the other six that were under investigation are still involved in Serie A.
Although there are many corrupt players, it is the match officials who are the key component of this crisis. Some have links to individual clubs, some to bookmakers and some to the underworld. There are also many honest people in the game who are just trying to do their jobs. However, until football cleans up its act, corruption will persist. Falling attendances in Italy and England are partially related to deficiencies in the sport on offer. Although the prawn sandwich brigade remain oblivious to anything, the true fans know when they are being short changed. The recent assertion by Graeme Souness that British football is “the most honest in Europe” is simply laughable.
Tessa Jowell, the Minister for Culture, is aiming to make Britain a clean and well regulated gambling environment. I fully support her and her Department’s efforts but such efforts must extend beyond the protection of the vulnerable and the targeting of company directors with criminal links.
The football authorities also need to take a lead in this area and not just in the betting arena. In the lead up to the last World Cup, there was a real concern within FIFA that Uzbekistan were going to make it to the finals. This would have been politically unacceptable. In the first leg of the Asian Play Off with Bahrain, the Uzbeks won 1-0 and had a penalty denied them by the Japanese official. FIFA ludicrously ordered the game to be replayed and a 1-1 draw resulted. Bahrain won through in the Second Leg on away goals – the official for that second game (obviously by chance in the light of recent occurrences) was a certain Mr Graham Poll!

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